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2059 Ridge Road

Hinckley, OH 44233

The Sandblasting Experts in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio

Here Comes Kovach Cleaning & Restoration is a Soda & Abrasive Media Blasting surface prep paint removal company along with iicrc certificates fire, smoke, mold sewage graffiti & flood water damage restoration specialists. 

Proudly serving Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus, Ohio since 2006.

We only use earth friendly media to follow our green clean philosophy


paint removal.jpg

 Vehicle Paint 


fire dmage.jpg

 Fire Damage 


bottom paint removal.jpg

 Bottom Paint 


Graffiti Removal




Dustless Blasting

  •  Buildings

  •  Boats

  •  Vehicles

  •  Graffiti

  •  Smoke/Fire Damage 

Truck Mount
Steam Cleaning

  •  Water Damage

  •  Sewage Backup

  •  Steam Cleaning

  •  Carpet, Tile and Grout

  •  Hard Surface Cleaning

  WHY US?  

- Locally owned and operated
- Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
- Top rated warranties
- Respectful of your time and home
- Dependable
- Professional team
- Affordable payment options
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