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We have completed so many different commercial and residential projects for our customers. With over 16 years of blasting experience, don't trust your project to just anyone. Our name and reputation is on each and every job we contract. 

We are able to offer various types of media such as soda, crushed glass, corn cob, walnut shell, and the ability to go "dustless". 

Our equipment is the most unique in the area as our technicians can adjust PSI on the fly. 

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 Vehicle Paint 


fire dmage.jpg

 Fire Damage 


bottom paint removal.jpg

 Bottom Paint 


Graffiti Removal



Dustless Blasting

  •  Buildings

  •  Boats

  •  Vehicles

  •  Graffiti

  •  Smoke/Fire Damage 

Truck Mount
Steam Cleaning

  •  Water Damage

  •  Sewage Backup

  •  Steam Cleaning

  •  Carpet, Tile and Grout

  •  Hard Surface Cleaning




  Dustless Blasting  

  Bottom Paint Removal   

  The Blaster Cleaning  

  Bottom Paint Removal   

  Paint Removal on Wood Decks  

  Log Cabin Buildings Boats  

  The Soda Blaster Paint Removal  

  Surface prep Corvette  

  Soda Blasting Vehicle  

  Paint Removal  

  Fire damage surface restoration  

  sand blaster cleaning smoke soot  

  Dustless Blaster  


  Dustless Blasting  

  Fire Damage    

kovach logo small 600.png
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